To buy or borrow

Where to Find "Abby Wize - AWAY"

"Abby Wize - AWAY is available in three formats (so far): Hardcover, Softcover, and eBook.

-Hardcover: case laminate. Hard cover, with color artwork bonded to cover boards. No dust cover. Pages glued to board. Retail: US$29.99   ISBN: 1733327626

-Softcover: perfect bound. Pages are glued into bendable color covers. Retail: US$19.99  ISBN: 1733327606

-eBook: Kindle, Nook, AppleBooks, and more.  Retail: US$9.99


Local Bookstores: Ask to speak to whoever orders books. Give them the ISBN for the paper book you want.

National Bookstores: Ask to speak to a manager. Clerks don't handle orders. Some prefer that you go in to order, so as not to give credit card information over unsecure channels. Give them the ISBN for which version of paper book you want.

ONLINE BOOKSELLERS (after setting up an account) Order from 

Barnes & Noble: Order as usual, using book name and/or author.

Other sellers you usually use, as long as they are legitimate. Unfortunately, some online sellers are printing poor copies of popular books and selling them as their own Intellectual Property (IP). 


Once the Revised Edition has been around long enough, used copies will start to appear on eBay, Amazon, and used booksellers. Prices will vary.


After people start donating Abby Wize to public libraries in the US and Canada, patrons throughout each nation can borrow the book, even from afar, using the nationwide Interlibrary Loan system (ILL). Ask for the specially trained ILL librarian. They'll need the book name, book author, and patron name and contact information. 

  Please help speed this process by buying an extra Hardcover and donating it to your small-to-medium-sized local library, making sure first that it is part of the ILL system. Price: free, unless patron incurs overdue fees.