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Abby Wize in Video!

May 2018 Update: "Abby Wize: Peace Dreamer" has advanced to the second round of judging in the Auckland (NZ) International Film Festival! Author/Filmmaker Lisa Bradley has contacted the Baha'is of New Zealand to coordinate their attendance at the AIFF in her stead.

April 2018: The filming we did in October on an Abby Wize Teaser has finally found form in a 6.5-minute Trailer/Short Film! Finished just in time to submit to the Prescott Film Festival and the Auckland (New Zealand) International Film Festival!

Based on "Abby Wize: AWAY", the Short Film both introduces us to a visible Abby and hints at the detailed story that could be produced as complete episodes following the chapters in the book.


Please "LIKE" the Facebook page, "Abby Wize Media," read the book (in public libraries thru Interlibrary Loan, as well as Amazon and bookstores by ordering), spread the word, and post positive reviews on Abby's Amazon page. www.amzn.com/1452024901 or click on the second tab on this website, "Abby on Amazon." Also consider supporting the filming finanacially. Email Author/Filmmaker Lisa Bradley thru this website, below.

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Screening in Prescott Valley

Prescott Screening!

About 35 people watched "Abby Wize: Peace Dreamer" on May 23rd in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Response was positive, and several savvy viewers noticed that it's an unusual combination of a Trailer and a Short film. All said it made them want to see more of Abby's story.

Books In The Works

Several books are in the works:

-Second Edition of Book A

-Activity and Discussion Guide for Book A

-and more

About Us

You're on the right site...

to connect with Abby Wize, an unassuming spiritual warrior determined to pursue her own positive growth. Suitable for about ages 11 thru adult (tho Abby's biggest fans are adults; they've had longer to wish for a better world!)

   Abby Wize is a horse-loving teen who's suddenly thrown into a future Golden Age, when World Peace has finally arrived! After visiting that fun, fabulous time, how's she going to cope with her regular, not-so-great life back in 2007?

Books, videos, oh my!

It started with "Abby Wize: AWAY," aka "Book A." Then came the idea of audio books, but it looks like a video version beat out the audio books. Video escapades are in the works! So are sequels! Yay!

Many exciting ways to keep it going!

From reading the book alone or together, writing the author, writing your own Abby Wize fan fiction, or making the crafts in the back of the book, there are lots of ways to bring the wonderful future world of Peace into your life now!


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