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Oct. 16, 2019

 Author Lisa Bradley Godward  had a great time explaining the Revised Edition of ABBY WIZE to podcast  host Warren Odess-Gillette for his podcast, "A Baha'i Perspective." Listen on YouTube at
Also  in podcast format on .
More questions? Comments?  Use the form at the bottom of this page to email LIsa!. Please share widely!

September 17, 2019

All three versions of the Revised Edition of "Abby Wize - AWAY" are available on Amazon and can be ordered wherever books are sold! Scroll down and register to be sure to get notices of new releases and events (interviews, appearances). Lisa promises not to inundate you...she's too busy writing more Abby Wize!
 Also Lisa loves to hear from readers. Drop a line using the form below, or click on the Facebook or Twitter icons to reach her through social media!

September 9, 2019

The eBook version of the Revised Edition is here! Paper versions coming soon! Spread the word about this one-of-a-kind tale following a horse-loving teen's spiritual visit to a future Golden Age of world peace! 

Sum mer 2019

Lisa  boldly entered  the world of Comic Cons, attending one and  holding a booth and a talk at  the second.   She's always  enjoyed  talk ing with people at booths, and the two events in the Prescott area were no exception.  She worked  for  months to pull t ogether a representative costume,  finally  decidin g on a li ght-toned look with horse,  art and friendship  elements, and an "Abby Wize, World Peace" emblem on the shirt front.   In the  photo,  she poses with two librari an s and  two new friends at Fandomania, in the Prescott Valley Public Lbrary. She won 5 graphic novels, which she'll study for things she can use in her own graphic novel of the Abby Wize story!

February 2019:  

A couple of months ago, "Abby Wize: AWAY" won an award in a book contest — for a version of the Revised Edition, still underway and becoming even better. 

 The award was “Finalist, Religious Fiction” with "Best Book Awards," one of several contests run by American Book Fest, . I found them to be quick, professional and accommodating. I also submitted it under "Science Fiction/Fantasy” and “Young Adult” although my most vocal fans are adults. 

 If you’d like to be individually notified when the Revised Edition is published, let me know by registering your email at the bottom of this page. I’m aiming for this summer, but God is in control.

June 2018 Long Trailer Update: "Abby Wize: Peace Dreamer," a long trailer that author Lisa Bradley Godward organized and supervised, was awarded a "Finalist" recognition at the Auckland (NZ) International Film Festival! It seems that Kiwis are rooting for a world at peace, also!

May 2018 Update: "Abby Wize: Peace Dreamer" has advanced to the second round of judging in the Auckland (NZ) International Film Festival! Author/Filmmaker Lisa Bradley has contacted the Baha'is of New Zealand to coordinate their attendance at the AIFF in her stead.

April 2018: The filming we did in October on an Abby Wize Teaser has finally found form in a 6.5-minute Trailer/Short Film! Finished just in time to submit to the Prescott Film Festival and the Auckland (New Zealand) International Film Festival!

Based on "Abby Wize: AWAY", the Short Film both introduces us to a visible Abby and hints at the detailed story that could be produced as complete episodes following the chapters in the book.


Please "LIKE" the Facebook page, "Abby Wize Media," read the book (in public libraries thru Interlibrary Loan, as well as Amazon and bookstores by ordering), spread the word, and post positive reviews on Abby's Amazon page. or click on the second tab on this website, "Abby on Amazon." International distribution also available everywhere Amazon reaches. Also consider supporting the filming finanacially. Email Author/Filmmaker Lisa Bradley thru this website, below. 

Lisa Bradley Godward with graphic novels at Fandomania. She'll study them for tips with her own GN!
Lisa Bradley Godward with graphic novels at Fandomania. She'll study them for tips with her own GN!

More Abby Wize Events

Screening in Prescott Valley

Prescott Screening!

About 35 people watched "Abby Wize: Peace Dreamer" on May 23rd in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Response was positive, and several savvy viewers noticed that it's an unusual combination of a Trailer and a Short film. All said it made them want to see more of Abby's story.

Books In The Works

Several books are in the works:

-Activity and Discussion Guide for Book A

-and more

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