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By the Light; Digital image by Mel Taylor

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Abby Wize: AWAY (aka Book A) is available:

-Local and National book sellers via ordering

-Public libraries via interlibrary loan

-Many Baha'i Center bookstores (San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ypsilanti, MI; Beaverton, OR, and more!

-Thru Peaceful Pages, in Oregon; and Special Ideas, in Indiana

-On Amazon, including KIndle

-On Nook

Please Spread the Word!

Wish we had a better world now? Read the book, mention it to others, start conversations about what it will take to make that better world! Rather than argue about it, we can discuss a cool book!
 Reviews on Amazon are super-important; please write a positive review on there (whether you got the book on Amazon or not)!

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In the Works

When we get more fans/followers, we can launch even more cool stuff like online book discussions/art groups, fan fiction sites, chat rooms, author visits and more. 

Looking For...(films)

I'm looking for spiritually-minded, experienced, narrative filmmakers, including film editors, directors, production designers, and more.
 These good people will help me turn the image in our minds, into a show we can watch in the real world!

Looking For... (books)

I'd really love some avid Abby Wize fans to turn to and consult with! Reach out in any way that's convenient for you if you'd like to be an Abby Wize reference reader!